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Alyssa Espinola PortraitAlyssa Espinola is a teacher and trainer in life, fitness, and technology.

She began her career with a Teaching Fellows scholarship to California State University, Fresno, where she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in history with the intention of teaching at the high school level. From there she decided that she wanted to work in postsecondary education, and she fell in love with communication as a field of study.


She began her career with the intent on teaching communication at the postsecondary level, but she was swept into the marketing world shortly before graduating with her communication degree.

Alyssa’s most recent work was for Simpson Strong-Tie, a construction supply manufacturing company in Pleasanton, California. The nature of her work mainly involved project management, building and implementing training and marketing plans, and content creation. While working for Simpson Strong-Tie, Alyssa discovered a passion for health, fitness, and self-development and has been working to incorporate these more into her work and home life.

She is a self-development junkie, life coaching hobbyist, and fitness enthusiast. In her spare time, Alyssa likes to ride motorcycles, organize and host Meetup events, cook, and stay physically active.

You can contact Alyssa by adding her on LinkedIn or sending her an email.

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