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That Yoga Teacher

Afro American couple doing yogaThat Yoga Teacher is a site designed to market yoga classes and private yoga sessions as well as offer information about yoga in general. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, Alyssa is qualified to lead individuals and groups through amazing practices, regardless of skill level, that will help students to listen to and honor the body, the mind, and the true Self.


Guest Blogging:

Alyssa DIY 2 (1000 px)This is a site that was owned by my company. I had the opportunity to build a DIY computer stand at work and write a blog post about it.

With wood, a hammer and the right hardware, you can build almost anything. At Simpson Strong-Tie, we have been helping engineers, architects, contractors and other construction professionals build safe, strong homes and buildings for nearly six decades.

We believe in quality craftsmanship, safety and doing it right the first time around. Our goal is to help you Build Anything. Your Way. Done Right.


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